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Tretton on E3, PS4: “Never a Better Time to be a Gamer”, Making People Happy is the Best Feeling “In the World”

Jack Tretton, President and CEO of Sony Computer Entertainment of America, made a quick appearance on the PS LiveCast to share his thoughts on E3 so far.

He spoke to Sid Shuman, PlayStation’s social media manager, about the near-universal positive feedback for the PS4, which is widely considered to have ‘won’ E3:

I said at the start of the press conference – what gets me up in the morning is our consumers. These passionate gamers. You know when they’re happy, and unfortunately, you know when they’re not happy. But, you know, they motivate me and they drive me. It’s such great satisfaction to be able to bring them great entertainment and to know that you helped make some people happy. There’s no better feeling in the world.

This is in contrast to Microsoft, who have said that they need to “educate” gamers about why they plan to force people to go online.

Tretton also talked about indie developers, and what that means for PlayStation 4:

Never a better time to be a gamer. I mean, creativity comes from all over the world and instead of having to depend on big budget studios to provide creativity, you can have one person/two person teams, anybody can be a developer. And we want to give them the opportunity to self-publish, and we want to do anything we can to lower the financial barriers. We want to bring all the creative juices available in the world to PlayStation, so that ultimately, anybody who owns our machine, has the best possible games to play.

Have you been made happy? Are you excited for all the indie games? Sound off in the comment below.