PlayStation LifeStyle PlayList: June 22nd & 23rd, 2013 – Lakeside Edition

Having played a lot of The Last of Us multiplayer (I’m on Week 8, though most people are hungry), my favorite map quickly became Lakeside. It’s tough to say exactly what makes it my number one choice, but the fact that there’s so many varied areas for which to hide/fight in doesn’t hurt, and the weather effects are amazing.

Here’s what everybody is playing this weekend:

Chandler Wood – Are You Ready For His Morning Wood Tomorrow? (@FinchStrife)

Part of me has forgotten that I play games. Between working on getting all of my E3 previews live, going back to my day job, and my two year anniversary on the 18th, I haven’t had a chance to play much at all and I still have loads of previews to do this weekend. So maybe I’ll get to The Last of Us this weekend. If I’m going to play anything, that’s going to be it. Ironic that writing previews of games is keeping me from playing my own games. My goal is to have all day Sunday for some quality time with Joel and Ellie.

Dan Oravasaari – Such a Fool (@FoolsJoker)

This weekend, if I am able to get past all of the previews I have left, I will be trying to finish up The Last of Us. There will also be the never ending editing of the worlds most popular podcast, Bad Gamers.

Heath Hindman – Turning Japanese (@RPGLand)

Attempting to wrap up Tales of Xillia, and then I too will be jumping on the The Last of Us bandwagon, by way of the Japanese version Za Rasto Obu Asu.  I was gonna order online until I confirmed that the Japanese version has English audio as an option.  I like my voice acting to be done by natives of the game’s country of origin, most times.  And in a game like The Last of Us, I *need* my F-bombs.

Jason Dunning – Sitting by the Lakeside (@Jasonad21)

It’s going to be another weekend of The Last of Us multiplayer. Hopefully I can play it enough that I get sick of it before Magic 2014 comes out on Tuesday.

Louis Edwards – Ain’t Nothin’ (@ftwrthtx)

Nothing but The Last of Us!

Sebastian Moss – Sebastian and Kaz Plus Eight (@SebMoss)





What are you playing this weekend? Which is your favorite map in The Last of Us? Let us know in the comments below.