Ethan: Meteor Hunter Blasting to PS3 This Summer, PS4 and PS Vita Versions Being Considered

When you hear that the name of a game is Ethan: Meteor Hunter, you probably wouldn’t expect it to star a rodent named Ethan who is hit by meteor fragments, but that’s exactly what you get with this upcoming PSN title for the PS3.

Coming to us from Seaven Studio, an indie studio made up of seven former employees of Hydravision (Obscure 1 and 2, Alone in the Dark), which was closed in September of last year. When it closed, they were working on Ethan: Meteor Hunter, so Seaven Studios bought up the IP and are just months away from bringing it to PS3.

To get an idea of what to expect from Ethan: Meteor Hunter, which isn’t linear and allows for multiple challenges in each stage, check out this video:

As of right now, the developers are aiming for 50 levels in three different worlds, and when asked about a PS Vita version, here was their response:

Yes, definitely considering the Vita once PC & PS3 versions are out. We don’t want to announce anything yet until we know for sure we can do something interesting. Which is why, unfortunately, we are not aiming for Move support sorry! But check out Johann Sebastian Joust of the Sportsfriends collection for your Move controller.

For a little more info on what might happen if they do a Vita version, Olivier Penot, Co-Founder of Seaven, said that “if we do a Vita version, it’ll of course be Cross Buy.” Penot also stated that they’re “definitely considering [a] PS4 version.”

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