Chaos Rings Encircles PSVita

The Vita needs a little help boosting its sales. If there’s one thing that can drag it out of there, well, we all know what it is. Say it with me in 3…2…1…

Cell phone ports!

…Wait, you didn’t say that ports of cell phone games would help? Oh. Right.

I’m betting that no one said that. No one, of course, except the marketing masterminds at Square Enix Japan, long known for their impeccable ability to deliver exactly what fans are asking for, provided that it does not actually involve fans asking for it.

So yeah, Chaos Rings. It’s Chaos Rings, the iPhone/Android game is coming to PlayStation Mobile and is said to be optimized for Vita. It’s currently expected to arrive in Japan in late July, not yet announced for outside territories. You can go change your pants now. I’m sure that you’ve wet them with joy.