Not-Exactly-F2P SingStar Gains 1.5 Million Players, Some People Have Bought 1,000 Songs

Back in October last year, SingStar went free-to-download, but to actually play the game, you had to buy individual songs.

In a Develop conference titled “Lessons unlearned in console for free-to-play”, SingStar London studio director Dave Ranyard said that the game has received 1.5 million new users since the new release, compared to the 2 million new users in the 5 years before the change.

The free app sees a conversion rate of around 6%, but mega-users bought 500+ songs, while some people have even bought over 1,000 songs.

Considering most of the framework has been developed, and the game is reasonably successful, it’s probably not too much of a stretch to expect the game to transfer over to the PS4.

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