SingStar to be Free-to-Play, But You Can’t Play Unless You Pay

Sony’s karaoke series SingStar was a huge hit during the era of the PS2, but with the core-focused PS3 it had a tough time gaining traction. But now it’s time for another shot, says Sony, who aims to get people singing at their TV with a ‘free-to-play’ digital version of SingStar.

A free-to-download SingStar client will be available on the PSN at the end of October, with one demo song around a minute in length. To sing anything else, you’ll have to buy additional songs, or insert the disc of a previous SingStar title.

The interface has only been slightly tweaked, but it is mainly the same as in previous editions. Obviously, to sing along you’ll need a microphone, but the game won’t just support the classic SingStar mic, as well as bringing support for the PS Eye, the official PlayStation Bluetooth headsets and USB microphones.

A previous Daily Reaction commented on how Sony should release SingStar this holiday season to help Wonderbook‘s casual push, although a lack of retail presence for the new singing game might hamper its effectiveness.