“Would You Feel Comfortable in a Restaurant That Served Human?” – Young Horses’ Philip Tibitoski Talks Octodad

Were there any ideas of other animals Octodad could have been?

Not really. There were some fleeting moments where an elephant or alien was mentioned, but he’s really always been an octopus.

Was it difficult to turn what seems to be a 2D QWOP-style game into 3D?

Well Octodad was never a 2D game, but I can kind of see what you mean. Figuring out how to make the dad’s movement work in 3D was something that took almost the entire first game’s development to really figure out. Hell, we’re still tweaking things and have completely revamped the controls for Dadliest Catch.

We want the controls to still imbue an awkward feeling that one might get if she/he was an octopus pretending to be a human father. But we also still want things to be intuitive to pick up and play. I think we’ve succeeded so far.

After working on the PC version, how much more work was required to get it to the level of quality we see today?

Well the PC and PS4 version are mostly on parity at this point. The PC version has had a 2 year or so head-start and it isn’t done yet. We’re developing almost in parallel right now with the PC/Mac/Linux versions to be finished first in January and the PS4 version to come out soon after those. At least that’s the current plan.

Was the transfer from PC to PS4 really as painless as Sony has described?

In short, yes. There were some bumps, but we expected a lot more trouble than we got. None of us really have any previous console development experience so we were surprised that the game was up and running well on hardware within about 4 weeks. Of course Kevin Geisler, our main programmer on the port, is also pretty damn smart. So that helps.

How did it feel to have Octodad on stage at E3?

Really really great. A lot of us have dreamed of working on a game that would be on an E3 stage someday. To have this happen so early in our careers and in the studio’s life has been wonderful.

How much does Octodad save on ink, since he is able to produce his own?

Let’s just say that he doesn’t have to visit Office Max too often.

Does Octodad feel comfortable in sea food restaurants?

Would you feel comfortable in a restaurant that served human?

Octodad’s wife seems like she could be a bit of a gold digger, that ring is HUGE!

But can you imagine Octodad trying to fit anything smaller on her finger? He’s a bit of a klutz in case you hadn’t noticed.

Really, how hard could it be to hide a secret Octopus identity?

You’ll find out when the game is released next year. 😛