Sony’s Shahid Ahmad Working on Getting a JRPG on Vita, “We’re Doing a lot of Things Right at PlayStation Today!”

The past few months have been truly fascinating to watch, with Sony becoming more and more open about what’s going on behind the scenes at Sony HQ – Shuhei Yoshida will famously answer any question you ask him on Twitter, while SCEE’s Shahid Ahmad constantly teases what games he has managed to secure for PlayStation platforms.

Yesterday, Shahid nabbed two Vita games and a PS4 one, and now he’s tweeted that he is trying to get a JRPG Vita game:

I spent 6 hours of my long day on #jrpgvita – you’re going to have to be patient though, these things take time, but we are *so* on it.


Why were me and Lorenzo at the office past 10pm? We were working on #jrpgvita – we can’t promise results, but we can promise effort. LOTS.


I could be watching Netflix. Frankly, I’m frickin exhausted, but I want to tell you, the fans, that we care deeply about you and do our best.

We’re all working for each other in PlayStation. There might be several “divisions”, but I’ve never seen our internal teamwork better.

I’m telling you this not because I’m a PR mouthpiece. I’m not. I’m a tired 47-year-old ex-coder. It’s because it excites me.

So many organizations and corporations are unhealthy. Yes, we have issues, nobody is perfect, but it’s a really sweet setup we have now.

I spent most of my 30s reading up on business. Every text I could lay my hands on. We’re doing a lot of things right at PlayStation today!

Of course, Shahid does say that they can’t promise anything, but what would you like the JRPG to be? Final Fantasy, White Knight Chronicles, Kingdom Hearts or something completely different? Spout off below.