Ask PSLS: What is the Worst Gaming Related Injury You’ve Ever Sustained?

Appearing in the shadow of Chandler’s recent origin story (which you should definitely read), this week’s Ask PSLS poises the question: What is the Worst Gaming Related Injury You’ve Ever Sustained?

Anthony Severino – Parking Lot Fighter (@Sev_Anthony)

Ah, gaming related injuries. I’ve had so many, mostly indirectly related to gaming. I once broke a tooth in half after biting my SNES controller so hard after losing repeatedly to Sagat in Super Street Fighter II Turbo… this, shortly after I kicked the glass door off my entertainment center.

But I did suffer a pretty good beating one time when I was younger thanks to Mortal Kombat II. At the local coin-op, sticking a quarter on the screen signified that you had “next”. Well, some punk stole my quarter, and more importantly, my “next”, and I punched him square in the face right there and then in the middle of a pool hall, and pushed him into the Jukebox. We both got kicked out, and when we reached the parking lot, a fist-fight ensued. We were evenly matched, so we both got pretty bloodied up. That’s when I realized I was a pretty good fighter. I couldn’t have been much more than ten. And that was the story about how I emulated Mortal Kombat in a parking lot after playing it. Luckily, no fatality was performed. Even though that’s not really an “injury”, it was the best story I could share, and figured that would be more entertaining than the time I fell down my stairs and sprained my ankle because I wouldn’t let my Nintendo 64 fall to the ground, and instead I had bruises everywhere.

I could really go on and on.

Cameron Teague – I Am Ninja (@Cameron_PSLS)

I don’t have too many stories of epic injuries that tie in with gaming, though I have had my fair share of tweaks and pulls when I get overly excited and try to ninja kick something in my house. Problem is, I forget I am old and easily hurt when attempting high risk ninja moves!

Chandler Wood – Leg Puncher 2: The Leg Punchening (@FinchStrife)

I can’t really think of injuries that have games as a causation. I’ve had plenty of injuries that relate to games after the fact, such as the time I launched a bread knife deep into the side of my finger that impaired my ability to effectively use the left triggers for quite a long time, or that other big one that got an entire article of it’s own that impaired my ability to do almost anything. Other than that… I’ve punched my leg when I’ve been mad. Does that count as an ‘injury’? That’s about all I can really think of…

Dan Oravasaari – Southpaw (@FoolsJoker)

The one game that continually gave me an injury was Street Fighter. I played it so much that I would end up losing the skin on my left thumb.

Jason Dunning – Payne (@Jasonad21)

Blisters are always a hazard, but the worst one I can remember came a few years ago when I plugged in my old NES and played some Mario games for a few hours. As you know, the NES controller doesn’t have smooth edges, and because the controller itself was pretty small, I had to jam my hands into the sides just to reach the buttons.

So, I woke up the next day with my hands in quite a bit of pain, with giant red lines on my hands from the sides of the NES controller stabbing me for hours. Totally worth it.

Louis Edwards – Laying the Smackdown (@ftwrthtx)

I strained a hammy once playing Wii Bowling and that’s about it. I did smack a kid upside the head when the Wii first came out, and left a pretty good knot on his head. That was before Nintendo sent out the rubber covers for free.

Sebastian Moss – TMI (@SebMoss)

I sit perfectly still like a praying mantis before it strikes, so no injuries, unless I’m sitting on someone.

What is the worst gaming related injury you’ve ever sustained? Let us know in the comments below.