Liege Passes Kickstarter Stretch Goal, Coming to PS4/Vita

Liege, John Rhee’s take on classic 16-bit RPGs, has passed the $48,000 Kickstarter stretch goal required to bring the game to PS4, Vita and Linux. Sony has already given approval for the game to come to the platforms.

Rhee said:

Last night, we passed our targets for PS4, Vita and Linux and then some! PS1 games like FF Tactics, FFVII, and Suikoden are some of my all time favorites, and they’ve been a huge influence on the design for Liege. I can’t tell you how excited I am that we’ll be bringing our game to PlayStation, and of course, having the chance to get the game to our Linux fans is pretty cool too!

A party-based, tactical role-playing game, Liege is inspired by Japanese RPG classics as well as chess.

Liege is a story that is written for an adult audience. It’s a drama about conflicted, intertwined, and human characters, forced to wage war for their lives and their homeland.

tl;dr: War epic for grown folk. Think more GoT, less FFXIII- in RPG form!

Rhee continues:

Following their mysterious deaths, a power struggle in the royal court ensues, and as the conflict quickly escalates, the Kingdom plunges into a bloody civil war. As war erupts across the land, we track the converging paths of characters aligned across various factions, from the noble houses vying for the throne, to the orphaned Royal Army, to an underground movement of outlaws with plans to incite revolution amidst the chaos.

The first release in a trilogy, Liege is scheduled for early 2014, but it should always be noted that Kickstarter doesn’t guarantee a game will be made, even if all the funds are secured.

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