Cloudberry Kingdom on PlayStation Vita is “Probably a Month Away,” PS3 Version Gets a Launch Trailer

As we pointed out in our PlayStation Store Global Update today, Cloudberry Kingdom for PlayStation 3 is now available on the North American PlayStation Store, with the European version due for release tomorrow. To get acquainted with the game, here’s the launch trailer:

Though it didn’t come out today, a PlayStation Vita version of Cloudberry Kingdom is on the way, with Jordan Fisher, President and Co-Founder of Pwnee Studios, saying, “The whole studio is working full time on the Vita version right now. We’re going to get it out as fast as we can, but at this point is probably a month away. The plan is take one night off celebrating the launch on PS3, then back to work tomorrow morning.” When a hard date is confirmed, we’ll be sure to let you know.

Speaking about the game’s impossible difficulty, Jordan revealed how Dark Souls impacted their game:

Dark Souls was one the games we played in the office a lot while developing Cloudberry Kingdom. Awesome game. It inspired some of our difficulty curve =D It also inspired our fast respawn/restart system, because 90% of the time I rage quit playing Dark Souls it’s because of my impatience during the loading after death. RAAAAGE.

If you’ve purchased the game, Jordan offered up the tip of holding down L1 + R1 to quick spawn, instead of backing out of the whole level to restart.

Did you buy, or are you planning on buying Cloudberry Kingdom? Let us know in the comments below.

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