Deep Silver on Dead Island: ” We Were Not Super Happy With the Status” at Launch, Open World Titles “Are a Nightmare” to Plan and Balance

August 8, 2013Written by Jason Dunning


Despite being a surprising sales juggernaut when it launched, the original Dead Island wasn’t without its issues. The most talked about were the bugs that plagued the game, which caused freezing, slowdown, screen tearing, and more.

During a Reddit AMA today, Guido Eickmeyer, Creative Director at Deep Silver, was asked about the original Dead Island and why it was delayed so much. Eickmeyer responded to this, revealing how not everyone was happy with what was released to customers:

Well, it comes with the type of game. open world titles are a nightmare to develop when it comes to planning and balancing. So whilst we were not super happy with the status of the game at release, it already had cost us some extra months. it is just big.

Guido also addressed the Zombie Bait special edition for Dead Island: Riptide, saying it “was just a fun idea” and “was blown out of proportion in the end and we learned our lesson, but it was not meant to be controversial.”

If any more interesting information comes from the AMA, we’ll be sure to let you know about it.

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