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Dead Island, Saints Row, Metro, and TimeSplitters Won’t Be at E3 2021, Says Deep Silver

As part of Summer Games Fest, Deep Silber parent company Koch Media will be holding a digital event highlighting a number of upcoming games. This led to a lot of speculation about what we might see, but Deep Silver has tried to curb player expectations for their appearance by confirming Dead Island, Saints Row, Metro, and TimeSplitters will be making appearances at the show, or at E3 later.

The Koch Media event will begin at 12pm PT on June 11 and will be shown on Twitch through a channel called weknowsomethingudontknow. While there will be a big announcement, it won’t have anything to do with the aforementioned franchises. Deep Silver did say they “can’t wait to see everyone’s reaction to their news” but they will let people know “when we have news to share” on Dead Island, Saints Row, Metro, or TimeSplitters.

This means we won’t see the long awaited return of Dead Island 2. Deep Silver insists Dambuster Studios is still hard at work on the game even though it has been through development hell since its announcement at E3 2014. Dambuster is the third studio to work on the game following misaligned goals with first developer Yager and the removal of the project from Sumo Digital for unknown reasons.

The much-rumored (and admittedly confirmed) Saints Row V also won’t be making an appearance. Volition has been in deep development on the next game in the Saints Row series since at least August 2019 and it was supposed to be revealed last year, although this was likely put on hold thanks to the coronavirus outbreak. Previous leaks about the game have been debunked by Deep Silver, and hopefully we’ll see something more concrete soon.

A new TimeSplitters game was confirmed just a few days ago, but as development hadn’t yet started when the game was announced on May 20, it should come as no surprise that we won’t be seeing it at the show. At the other end of the scale, the PlayStation 5 version of Metro Exodus Complete Edition will be released on June 18, just days after the show, but it seems like it is stepping aside to give the spotlight to some of the other upcoming titles.

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