Square Enix Director Hopes Final Fantasy Type-O Will Release in the West Through the PSN

September 18, 2013Written by Jason Dunning


We should have more information tomorrow when the full interview is published, but USGamer spoke to Hajime Tabata, Director at Square Enix, at TGS, where he revealed that Final Fantasy Agito, a mobile follow-up to Final Fantasy Type-O, “will definitely be localized,” though they were quick to note it didn’t mean it was 100% being released in the West.

With this quote and the recent European trademark for Agito filed, prospects do look good for a western release of that iOS/Android title, but what about Final Fantasy Type-O on PSP? As Hajime continued, he discussed how Type-O was largely localized into English and other European languages, with logistical reasons keeping it from being released in the West.

Because Hajime sees Agito and Type-O as companion titles, he hopes that Type-O will be released through the PlayStation Network in the West, with a complete localization in the final stages of planning. Of course, this isn’t confirmation of it happening, but Tabata does note that fan interest has helped the process along.

With Gio Corsi still taking your submissions for games you’d like to see on PlayStation, Shahid Ahmad working diligently to get a JRPG on the Vita (Type-0 would be a PS Vita compatible PSP game), and Shuhei Yoshida calling this “great news,” maybe now we’re closer than ever to seeing Type-O.

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