GameStop is “Currently Investigating the Situation” in the GTA V Midnight Release Video Employee-Customer Argument

Something that has been making its way through the internet recently (now at over 270,00 views) is a video from a Grand Theft Auto V GameStop midnight launch that features a customer trying to use his business card as ID when picking up his pre-order.

This is what happened next:

Since this video has been uploaded, unconfirmed reports suggest that the woman in the video was fired from her job, but a recent posting on the GameStop Facebook Page (via Escapist) only mentions how they are investigating the situation:

Regarding the GTA V Midnight Release Video: We are aware of this incident and are currently investigating the situation. We regret that this happened, as we strive to ensure all customers receive a great experience when visiting our stores. We would like to extend an apology to the affected customer as well as any other customer that was offended by this event.

What do you think of this video? Who do you think was in the wrong? Let us know in the comments below.

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