Shuhei Yoshida: PS4 Downloads Will be Faster than PS3, PS4 Patch to add HDMI Capture, 64GB PS Vita Memory Card Works in US

Yesterday we let you know about Sony announcing a sequel to Gravity Rush, likely to be called Gravity Rush 2 and release on PlayStation Vita. When asked on Twitter if Gravity Rush 2 would be localized in Europe (and presumably North America as well), Shuhei Yoshida gave out one of his standard one-word answers by saying, “Totally.” So, while we don’t know when it’s releasing, don’t expect this to stay in Japan for long.

Something else that Japan is getting is the 64GB memory card on PlayStation Vita, which remains unknown whether we’ll see it come West. If you don’t want to wait for Sony to bring it over, Shuhei confirmed that the 64GB memory card would work in American PS Vitas, with Vita systems everywhere likely to use it as well.

Another piece of business that Shuhei covered was when he assured a follower how PS4 game download speeds “will be” faster than PS3, after they had had many issues downloading Grand Theft Auto V. This comment follows what Shuhei said months previous about the PlayStation Store itself “absolutely” running faster.

Finally, while he vaguely gave out details about it being a possibility earlier this week, Shuhei confirmed that PS4 HDMI capture will be arriving in a PS4 patch after launch.

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