Shuhei Yoshida Confirms the PS4 PlayStation Store Will “Absolutely” Run Better

Before we start off with all the important news, we have to address the fact that Sebastian, our Fearless Leader, won’t be near his computer today as he’s at PlayFest, playing lots of games and (hopefully) interviewing lots of important people. Unfortunately, one of those people won’t be Shuhei Yoshida, President of Sony Worldwide Studios, as he’s flying out today, but Shuhei will be at gamescom next month.

Getting to what you came here for, Shuhei Yoshida was very active on his Twitter account last night, calming the fears of a follower who had voiced concerns about the “really bad” PS3 PlayStation Store, saying the PS4 Store would “absolutely” be better. If it runs anything like the UI video, expect it to be lightning quick in comparison.

He then tackled some questions that seemed like they would have obvious answers by saying that “both digital and disk games [on PS4] will work on Remote Play” for the PlayStation Vita. Also, when talking about your PSN wallet on other PS4 consoles, he confirmed, “when you use the same PSN account, your wallet is available for both.”

To finish up, he reiterated how, once your PS+ membership runs out on PS4, games like the DriveClub PS+ Edition won’t work anymore, while also telling someone that he’s seen Indie Game: The Movie and “had a crush on Jon Blow.” Suddenly the PS4 timed exclusivity for The Witness makes so much sense.

What’s the first thing you think you’ll buy in the PlayStation Store? A PlayStation Plus membership? Knack? Let us know in the comments below.

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