Guerrilla Games: We Really Pushed Sony “To Make Better Triggers That go up” for DualShock 4

It’s no secret that developers played a huge part in helping to mold the DualShock 4 into what we know today, and Eric Boltjes, Lead Designer on Killzone: Shadow Fall, gave a more detailed account to VG247 of what Guerrilla Games attributed to the final product:

One of the things we wanted to improve upon was the controllers. I personally feel that in previous Killzones, the DualShock was always good, but when you looked at other controllers they had an edge. We really worked together with Mark from Sony on improving the controller. For example, the triggers. We wanted better triggers. They previously reverted inwards where, in a shooter game, that’s not very good. Your fingers slip off.

We really pushed them to make better triggers that go up. Also stuff like the touch-pad. When I first saw it on the prototype controller I was like, ‘What the hell am I supposed to do with that? It’s not an iPhone game.’ But I’m really surprised as to how well that little thing works. I’m not promoting it, I don’t have to sell that controller, but I’m really happy with how it works in our game. Everything else works now, from response time, the dead-zones, everything is better. The lag is gone, and that makes Killzone a better game.

During the design producer, Eric said that they held a lot of DualShock 4 prototypes and when they got to one where all the buttons were replaced with touch-sensitive ones, they simply said, “No.”

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