God of War: Ascension PSN Download Requires 72GB of Free Space, More Than GTA V & The Last of Us (Update: Requires 80GB of Free Space)

Update: We reached out to Sony about God of War: Ascension and they further confirmed that you’ll need at least 80GB of free space for the 36GB file.

Original Story: When Sony announced that God of War: Ascension would be coming to the PSN last week, it marked the end of a very long wait for anyone who wanted to buy the game digitally, instead of physically.

Well, it seems the reason for the delay has been explained, as SCEA Community Manager Nikki Grantham revealed that the file size for God of War: Ascension will be 36GB, meaning that you’ll need 72GB of free space on your HDD before you can download it. For a comparison, the Grand Theft Auto V file size is 18GB, The Last of Us is about 26GB, and the Uncharted 3 GOTY Edition sits at 43.5GB.

Looking at the upcoming 1.12 patch for God of War: Ascension, you can expect that to take up 8644KB, which is set to balance portions of the multiplayer.

We’re still waiting on a price for God of War: Ascension on the PSN, but it should be around $39.99 if they keep it with current retail prices.

Do you plan on downloading God of War: Ascension tomorrow? Let us know in the comments below.

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