Knack Won’t Have a PS4 Demo at Launch, Currently Runs “Between 30 and 60 fps all the way Through”

Now that we know both Killzone: Shadow Fall and Knack will definitely be releasing alongside the PS4 next month, we can rest a little easier, and you can even check out Knack in demo stations rolling out across the United States (with Canada coming soon).

While you’re able to pre-order Knack on the PlayStation Store right now, it turns out that you won’t be able to play the game on your own PS4 before buying it in November, as Associate Project Manager at SCEA Nick Accordino said, “There won’t be a demo at launch, but don’t let that discourage you – there will be plenty of footage floating around and a lot more kiosk stations for you to get hands on soon.”

Nick was then asked how the game’s current build is running, to which he replied, “The game runs very smoothly – between 30 and 60 fps all the way through, even with 2 players and lots of enemies on screen. Can’t wait until you get your hands on it!”

Also, Accordino talked a little bit about using the PS Vita as a second controller in the Knack co-op mode, while revealing that he has no idea about the Red and Blue DualShock 4 controllers’ release date in North America:

You can absolutely play with a Vita as a second controller through remote play – I was playing the game this way yesterday and having a blast with a friend of mine. (It doesn’t skip a beat!)

No idea about the other colored controllers but I hope we get them soon too!

Will you be using a PlayStation Vita as the second controller in Knack’s co-op? Let us know in the comments below.