The Catch-Up: October 17th, 2013 – NBA 2K14 Next-Gen Video, Diablo III: Reaper of Souls Coming to PS4

October 17, 2013Written by Jason Dunning


Square Enix has reportedly (via NovaCrystallis) created a committee to ensure the quality of the Final Fantasy franchise going forward. I’m surprised something like this didn’t already exist!

General News

  • Good news! The Diablo III expansion, Reaper of Souls, is coming to the PS4 and, well, that’s about all we know. There was no information about whether it would be sold separately or bundled with the game, if it’s coming to PS3, or anything else. We’ll let you know when more details regarding Reaper of Souls on PlayStation are given. [Source]
  • Executive Producer Mark Rubin said of the casual gamers who play Call of Duty, “It’s kind of a weird, ironic thing to say. They aren’t hardcore gamers, or even gamers, but they play Call of Duty every night. And those guys are going to continue to play regardless of platform. So I think not only will we continue to engage with that existing player base, but we’ll take next gen and see how far we can go with it.” [Source]
  • When it was revealed that PS4 demo stations would be going up across the United States, I was a little sad that there wasn’t any way to see if Canada was getting them. Luckily, Associate Brand Marketing Manager of Hardware Crystal MacKenzie said, “Unfortunately the site doesn’t work for Canada yet but we are rolling kiosks out in that country. Stay tuned!” [Source]
  • Patrick Bach, Executive Producer at DICE, was talking about what it’s like to be working on Star Wars: Battlefront and said, “We weren’t as cocky when we got the chance, because to take on something like this is scary, as you can imagine. You can only screw up, right?” “We’ve been promising ourselves if we’re doing this we need to do it right. So trust me, we’re hard at work to figure this one out.” I like the confidence! [Source]
  • In a new developer Q&A, it has been revealed that Thief will no longer have an XP system. Part of the reason behind this decision was because it reduced the motivation to steal, along with the negative feedback voiced by fans after the XP system was revealed. [Source]
  • EB Games Canada now has a timed exclusive Azurite Blue NHL 14 PS3 bundle up for pre-order. [Get It]
  • The Walking Dead on PS3 and Xbox 360 is $9.99 at GameStop in-store. [Via, Source]

New Videos

  • OMG! NBA 2K14 got a next-gen trailer:

  • This is the commercial you can expect to see for Batman: Arkham Origins:

  • Magrunner: Dark Pulse will release in North America on October 22nd for $9.99, with Europe getting it on October 23rd for €9.99/£7.99 [Source 1, 2]:

  • CastleStorm releases on the PS3 and PS Vita (with Cross Buy) on November 5th in North America for $9.99 and November 6th in Europe for €9.99 [Source 1, 2]:

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