Sony on Knack: “There is no Lack of Faith”, It’s a “Big Game, Both in Length and Scale”

Last week, we let you know that Knack wouldn’t have a demo available on the PlayStation Network at launch, though you are more than free to play it on one of the demo stations popping up across the US.

When someone said that the missing Knack demo was whack showed a lack of faith in the game, Associate Project Manager at SCEA Nick Accordino offered up his two cents on the matter:

When you’re working on a global release of a product, you do your best to give gamers as great of a taste of something as possible. For Knack, we had 3 separate demos across the course of the year, which is a lot, given that we’re also trying to complete the main game, push out a companion application and have everything set in time for release on a brand new console with exciting new features. (That Remote Play – man do I love it!)

I can assure you, there is no lack of faith in Knack – Mark and the team at Japan Studio have built a fantastic game, and I can’t wait until people have their hands on it.

Give it a try – you’ll see what I mean!

Also, with Killzone: Shadow Fall’s digital file taking up around 50GB and NBA 2K14 likely taking up 50GB, PS4 games are going to take up quite a bit of room when you download them from the PlayStation Store. Though he didn’t say a specific size, Nick did let someone know they should expect to save a bit of space on their PS4 HDD for Knack:

Knack’s a big game, both in length and scale! I would count on saving a bit of space on your HDD, although with that 500GB that comes packed-in, I don’t think you’ll have any problems!

What’s great about the PS4 is that you can start playing a digital game before it has even finished downloading, and Knack’s a great example of this.

Are you going to get the retail version of Knack, or go for the digital one? Let us know in the comments below.