Ask PSLS: What Are Your Thoughts on the PS4 Launch Line-up Following the Recent Game Delays?

Last week wasn’t very fun, with Watch Dogs and DriveClub being delayed into 2014, meaning that they’ll miss their original PS4 launch releases. With this, we asked the PSLS staff: What are your thoughts on the PS4 launch line-up following the recent game delays?

Anthony Severino – Dip it Low (@Sev_Anthony)

Watch Dogs was never a PS4 exclusive, but Ubisoft has strategically aligned itself more with the PS4 for both Watch Dogs and Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag, which gives the illusion that a hole is left in the PS4 exclusive line-up when really it’ll end up hurting both next gen consoles.

However, DriveClub, which never received as much buzz as Watch Dogs, was indeed a PS4 exclusive, and one that would bolster the PS4’s day one offering via PlayStation Plus. The loss of DriveClub lowers the number of Sony first-party PS4 exclusives by a large percentage at launch. I don’t think it’ll break the PS4, but in volume of sheer exclusives, Microsoft now has the edge. That said, I don’t think it’ll affect Sony as they have significant momentum behind them going into the November 15th launch.

Cameron Teague – Don’t Hurt Me (@Cameron_PSLS)

I really don’t think this hurts the launch line-up too much. For those wanting to race cars, there is still Need for Speed Rivals, and to be honest, I don’t think DriveClub was much of a force in pushing new hardware out the door.

Also, for those wanting an open world type game, there are other options to lessen the sting on not getting Watch Dogs right now.

Chandler Wood – Idealist (@FinchStrife)

Delays suck, they really do. There’s no two ways around it. But they are also necessary. I’d rather wait for a good polished product, than get an unfinished mess earlier. With that being said, I am excited to get Contrast as a PS+ title – a lot more excited than I was for DriveClub anyway.

While the wait for Watch Dogs isn’t ideal, it is better for it to be separated from Assassin’s Creed IV – not to mention actually releasing as a finished product rather than as an early generation joke. Ubisoft can be really on point with their titles, or they can be absolutely terrible and glitchy. I’m just happy that Watch Dogs was caught in the “terrible” pile and is now being adjusted to (hopefully) be a solid Ubisoft game. As Anthony said, I don’t think this will really affect the PS4 launch that much.

D’yani Wood – Profane

I’m kind of amused by the delays. It’s funny that such huge companies don’t have their shit together. We are all still just humans, I suppose. And Contrast seems worthy as a launch title for the PS4 Plus lineup. I love when more artistic games get coverage.

Dan Oravasaari – No Touching! (@FoolsJoker)

Having already gotten some hands on time with a number of the PS4 launch titles, I am glad to see some of the games shift their release date, as there are already too many games to play.

Jason Dunning – Sebastian’s Away, So he Becomes the Cynical One (@Jasonad21)

With DriveClub and Watch Dogs skipping the PS4 launch, it means two very promising new IPs that I was excited for (DriveClub more for the PS+ Edition) will have to wait until 2014, leaving me pretty disappointed. While it’s not bad enough to cancel my PS4 pre-order, it does mean that there’s extra pressure from me on Knack and Killzone:Shadow Fall to fill the void left by those two titles.

As for what this does to PlayStation Plus, I’ll admit that Contrast looks interesting (and Resogun as a freebie off the bat is awesome), but Contrast isn’t a game built exclusively for the PS4, as it will be appearing on PS3, Xbox 360 and PC at the same time. I know the pickings were slim for titles that could replace DriveClub in PS+, I just would have preferred something else that is at least PlayStation exclusive.

In the end though, I’m excited for my PS4, Resogun, Killzone: Shadow Fall, and whatever else I get it in November.

What are your thoughts on the PS4 launch line-up following the recent game delays? Let us know in the comments below.