Need for Speed: Rivals Dev: We’ve Pushed the PS4/Xbox One “Higher Than I Thought Was Possible”

When Need for Speed: Rivals releases next month, it will be coming out on the PlayStation 3/Xbox 360/PC first on November 19th, with a PlayStation 4/Xbox One version following a few days later on November 22nd.

Marcus Nilsson is the Studio Head of developer Ghost Games and Executive Producer on Rivals, and when it comes to the development of the game on next-gen consoles, he told USGamer just what the lead platform was:

I think both consoles are more powerful than I thought they would be when we first got the specs and got the game running. We’ve pushed them both higher than I thought was possible.

If I was going to have to pick a lead platform that we worked on, it would be the next-gen consoles. That doesn’t mean that the current-gen consoles are a second thought. Current-gen consoles for us are really important. Our biggest market will be on PS3 and Xbox 360. The game needs to run and play really well on those consoles.

Thanks to Frostbite 3 being “a very capable engine,” Nilsson believes that the “next-gen consoles look amazing, whereas the current-gen consoles are definitely the best-looking current-gen Need for Speeds that we’ve ever done. I think it shows the power of Frostbite, and also the skill set from learning those machines, knowing how to get the most out of them.”

With DriveClub missing PS4 launch, is Need for Speed: Rivals on your to-buy list this holiday? Let us know in the comments below.