Killzone: Shadow Fall Box Art has a Typo, Gets an Unboxing Video; Game Includes 7 Days of PS+, 45GB of HDD Space Required

Joining the DualShock 4, PlayStation Camera, and Knack being sold early for the PlayStation 4 in the United States and Canada, Killzone: Shadow Fall has now become available for purchase, with pictures and more popping up.

Over on NeoGaf, a user posted the following picture, which shows off the back of the game’s box art and confirms that 45GB of HDD space will be required on your PS4 for the cached data, while also providing us with the fact that there’s a typo in the description:

“When tensions between the VSA [and] the Helghast…”


To get a more personal view of the Killzone: Shadow Fall box art, YouTube user XxDeathDoctorxX did an unboxing of the game, which also confirms that 7 days of PlayStation Plus are included:

Update: Here’s some images of the Killzone: Shadow Fall controller set-up, which could allow for more changes post-launch (via Reddit):

What do you think of the typo on the box art? Have you nabbed a copy of Killzone: Shadow Fall yet? Let us know in the comments below.

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