Killzone: Shadow Fall’s PS4 PSN File Size is 39.7GB, Playable After 7.5GB are Downloaded

Fergal Gara’s original assessment of Killzone: Shadow Fall “cracking on” for 50GB has turned out to be a little off, as Guerrilla Games confirmed to Eurogamer that the final digital file size of the game will be 39.7GB in Europe. When it comes to other regions where there’s fewer audio tracks in different languages, the file size is around 37GB.

We’ve already detailed the Play as You Download (or PlayGo) feature for Killzone: Shadow Fall, but it won’t allow for instantaneous playing, with about 7.5GB needing to be downloaded before you can jump into the action, depending on your internet connection.

Michiel van der Leeuw, Guerrilla Games’ Technical Director, believes that this process of waiting for 7.5GB is something that could be fixed for the future:

Realistically, I think a lot of people can do this… It’s just that the initial chunk of 7.5GB is quite big. I think if we would have known exactly how everything would work… I think next time around we’ll try to see if we can design something that doesn’t jeopardize the game which will make it even friendlier. But I think all things considered, this being launch and we’ve got like 2 minutes 44 seconds from disc to the first level and no installs, I think it’s already a massive improvement over previous generations.

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