Shuhei Yoshida Further Discusses PS4 Game Installs, Suggests Data Will Stay on Your HDD After Playing a Game

Back on Monday, we let you know about Shuhei Yoshida revealing that those massive PS4 installs were cached data and you could easily delete them if you needed to.

Since it left some people confused, Shuhei took to Twitter and answered some questions, with the first and foremost coming when someone asked if “so when you say cache, you mean install? Just that it is installed automatically in the background?” Here’s his answer:

I use the terms the same way, the disc copies game data to HDD in the background.

Judging by this, it seems as though the install size will be added to your HDD in full (unless you manually delete it), rather than disappearing when the game is not in use.

Shuhei talked a little more about cached data/installs on PS4:

  • The disc caches data to HDD while you play the game, you need not wait.”
  • You can delete cached data when the HDD is full, like for those games you do not play often.”
  • But is the cached data deleting done automatically by the PS4? “You can pick which game data to delete, you want to keep the data on HDD while you play the game often.”
  • Unless poorly engineered,” the data will install in parts as you progress through the game, like the Play as You Download feature.

If Sony releases a FAQ explaining game installs on PS4 to clear up some of this confusion once and for all, we’ll let you know.

Are you confused right now when it comes to PS4 installs? Let us know in the comments below.

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