BioWare: “The Things People Love About Mass Effect They’ll See Even Better in the Next Generation of Games”

After BioWare teased the world with some images of what appeared to be the next Mass Effect game yesterday, they took to their blog to talk about the effect Mass Effect has had on them, taking you through the dev side of the series.

At the end, the post looked ahead to the next Mass Effect game by saying how, “As the fourth title in the ME universe begins its development, the team is carrying forward all the things that made the Shepard’s trilogy so memorable.”

Executive Producer Casey Hudson then added:

It’s the idea of exploring a vast universe: going out and seeing amazing new things. It’s scale: seeing new planets, new species, and having choices that matter. Because it’s a story, and one that you care about. It’s going to continue on, and the things people love about Mass Effect they’ll see even better in the next generation of games.

When do you think we’ll get our first video teaser for the next Mass Effect game? Let us know in the comments below.