Mark Cerny Talks Mandatory PS4 Game Installs: Sony Decided Against Having Cached Data Auto-Delete Itself

November 11, 2013Written by Jason Dunning


After Sony confirmed that the PS4 mandatory game installs would be required “to ensure a smooth gaming experience,” it became very apparent that the PS4’s 500GB HDD would fill up pretty fast, considering Killzone: Shadow Fall and Call of Duty: Ghostsbig install sizes.

While in New York City, Mark Cerny talked about the PS4 mandatory game installs (via Kotaku), where he revealed how it should only takes 10s of seconds to play Knack after inserting the disc, with the rest of the 37GB worth of data being installed in the background.

Of course, if you’re running out of room on your HDD, you can manually delete the installed game data. As Cerny explained, there had been talk at Sony of having the installed data auto-delete itself after not having been used for awhile, but they decided against it because they didn’t want anyone to feel “blindsided” and figured people would prefer to decide on their own.

The reason retail games need to be installed on the PS4 is, as Cerny says, because his team had heard too many complaints from developers about having to wait to load in new levels of games. By having the data on the PS4’s HDD, it massively reduces those wait times.

Do you think Sony’s reasoning behind mandatory installs and manual deletions is sound? Let us know in the comments below.