Star Trek Developer Talks About J.J. Abrams’ Negative Comments Regarding Their Game

You may remember a little ways back when J.J. Abrams talked about the poorly received Star Trek video game and said it “arguably hurt” the box office performance of Star Trek: Into Darkness.

With Warframe for PS4 releasing this past Friday in the US and Canada, Digital Extremes Creative Director Stephen Sinclair, who worked on Star Trek for a year, talked about his reaction to J.J.’s comments with IGN:

I think if the owner of the company was here he’d be doing that neck thing with his hand, like, ‘say nothing!’. I don’t think J.J. was trying to throw Digital Extremes under a bus, I think he was talking about the political forces that were affecting the game.

I don’t mean to speak cryptically, and I’m not trying to diffuse blame, but the game we did just before that was The Darkness 2 and it was the same crew working on that game as it was on Star Trek. That game came out with an 80-plus Metacritic rating. The ambitions were high for Star Trek and there’s some awesome co-op stuff there.

I was kind of surprised, personally, to see one of the most awesome, popular and successful film directors working today slagging on that project. It kind of shook me, actually.

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