The Catch-Up: December 12th, 2013 – LEGO The Last of Us Gameplay Video; Naughty Dog Doesn’t Like Monetization

December 12, 2013Written by Jason Dunning


Watching the video makes me want to play The Last of Us again…

General News

  • Amidst the whole YouTube monetization thing that’s going on right now, the majority of companies are saying they’re okay with it. Naughty Dog on the other hand said, “In general terms we don’t like monetization w/ our content, but haven’t created official policy yet.” [Twitter]
  • Shahid Ahmad “just sent the most important email of the year relating to #jrpgvita – “nervous” is an understatement. We’ve done the prep. Let’s see.” Yes, let’s see indeed. [Twitter]
  • Ys: Memories of Celceta will release in Europe on February 21st through the PSN, with a retail version on February 25th. [Press Release]
  • If you’re still looking to update your PS4 to version 1.52 through USB, we’ve got the links for you. [North America, UK]
  • When Destiny releases on September 9th, 2013, it will share the day with the 19th anniversary of the PlayStation in the US, as well as the 15th anniversary of the Dreamcast. [Twitter]
  • That Aerith DLC in the Lightning Returns Collector’s Edition? It “will be available for purchase at a later date, but why wait?!?” [Source]
  • We can’t say it’s 100% confirmed, but Terminal Reality (BloodRayne, Ghostsbusters: The Video Game) appears to have closed down. A former employee wrote on Facebook that “TRI seems to have finally shut down,” and there’s been no contact with the studio since this news surfaced, or any activity on their Facebook or Twitter accounts recently. [Source]
  • FuturLab has now been able to put Velocity 2X fully playable on the PS4. [Twitter]
  • Available for iOS and Android devices in the United States, LootTheWorld is a free Borderlands 2 mobile app that allows you to scan bar codes and QR codes to get in-game items. [More Info]
  • OlliOlli has passed FQA in North America and Europe, and Roll7 will announce release date details very early next year. [Twitter 1, 2]

New Videos

  • As Geoff Keighley revealed, this was supposed to be shown at VGX, but wasn’t quite ready yet. So we now present to you LEGO The Last of Us (which is completely unofficial):

  • Here’s a gameplay walkthrough for Batman: Arkham Origins Blackgate:

  • Sony has released this step by step guide on how to get Remote Play working between your PS4 and PS Vita:

Would you buy LEGO The Last of Us The Walking Dead on day 1 if it came to be? Let us know in the comments below.