Neil Druckmann Reiterates That the Uncharted Movie Doesn’t Have Naughty Dog’s Support

Last week, Naughty Dog’s Neil Druckmann took to Twitter to clarify that “no one” at Naughty Dog has any clue what the upcoming Uncharted movie is about, let alone knowing anything about the script. Yesterday, he reiterated once again that the studio knows “nothing” about the project and went as far as saying that its writer doesn’t have Naughty Dog’s support.

It all stemmed from a quote by Joe Carnahan that suggested that Naughty Dog may have seen the script. The tweet below from Druckmann is what followed:

In a recent interview, Carnahan said that he wrote the script “the way the video game is.” “They swear in the game, they’re kinda foul-mouthed, and I kept all that stuff intact, and I definitely didn’t write it as a PG-13 movie,” he explained.

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