Tomorrow on US/CA PlayStation Plus: December 31st, 2013 – Urban Trial Freestyle Free… Style

With the Holiday Sale ending tomorrow when the PlayStation Store updates, Sony has decided not to celebrate the calendar change from 2013 to 2014 with any sort of deals this week as no games or DLC are scheduled to go on sale starting tomorrow. There’s always a chance that an unannounced sale pops up with the PS Store update though, so be sure to check back tomorrow.

Moving on from the lack of sales, PlayStation Plus members will be getting Urban Trial Freestyle on PlayStation Vita absolutely free, with Soul Sacrifice leaving the Instant Game Collection in order to make room for it.

Looking ahead to next week, both Contrast on PS4 and GRID 2 on PS3 are going to be rotated out of the IGC, meaning that Don’t Starve and likely either BioShock Infinite or DmC Devil May Cry will be your PlayStation Plus free games starting on January 7th, 2014.

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