Sony: Watch Dogs and Destiny “Will Define What Next Generation Gaming Will Look in its Mature Phase”, “There are Going to be Some Real Gems” for PS4 in 2014

December 31, 2013Written by Sebastian Moss


The PS4’s launch line-up has been a topic of much debate, with many criticizing the lack of change over the PS3 outside of slightly improved visuals.

Launch games are usually rather unremarkable, however, with developers rushing to meet the launch, after spending most of their development cycle working on unfinished hardware with unfinished tools.

Luckily, later titles are when consoles really hitting their stride, with PlayStation UK Managing Director Fergal Gara saying when he thinks the PS4 will hit its mature phase. He told the Express:

Two titles which will define what next generation gaming will look in its mature phase will be Watch Dogs and Destiny. These are two games we have aligned with closely and will have substantial exclusive PlayStation 4 content.

Gara also teased:

All of our major studios are working on PS4 content. These guys are experimenting with and working on the new platform. They may not have announced games specifically but our big studio network is focused primarily on PS4.  Their heritage is fantastic and it is a great platform to develop for. So I am looking forward to some great surprises and amazing experiences. There are going to be some real gems.

With 2014 only hours away, it’s not long until we’ll hear more about Watch Dogs, Destiny and Sony’s secret PS4 exclusives.