Michael Pachter Estimates Xbox One Outsold PS4 in the US During September 2014 (Update)


With the NPD results for September 2014 out, and the PlayStation 4 defeating the Xbox One, Michael Pachter took to Twitter to explain his estimations:

Original Story:

We’ll have to wait until a little later in the week for the NPD’s monthly report for confirmation, but as of right now, Wedbush analyst Michael Pachter is estimating that the Xbox One sold 325,000 units during September 2014 in the United States, compared to the PlayStation 4’s 250,000.

With the Destiny PS4 bundle launching last month, Microsoft offered a free game to everyone who bought an Xbox One between September 7-13. Couple that with the Madden NFL 15 Xbox One bundle and buyers of the console could have received an Xbox One, Madden NFL 15, and Destiny for $400, while the Destiny PS4 bundle was priced at $450.

If Pachter’s estimation is true, the PS4’s eight straight months as the #1 console in the US would be broken.

As for some other estimations, Pachter says new software sales for September 2014 will be at $435 million, which is down 42% from September 2013’s $754 million. This drop can be attributed to the launch of Grand Theft Auto V last year, with Pachter saying, “We estimate Destiny’s NPD unit sales figures for September will be 2.75 million units. That’s well below Grand Theft Auto V’s roughly 7 million units last year.”

Be sure to check back on Thursday for the full NPD report.

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