Telltale Games Co-Founder Would Like to Adapt James Bond, Is Frustrated by Games Making him a Mass Murderer

January 10, 2014Written by Jason Dunning


You’d think that with The Walking Dead, The Wolf Among Us, Tales From the Borderlands, and Game of Thrones as their current projects, Telltale Games wouldn’t have even a moment to think about anything else.

Clearly that isn’t the case as Telltale’s CTO and Co-Founder Kevin Bruner was asked by OXM which license he’d like to tackle next if there were no obstacles to overcome. He responded by saying, “I’m a giant James Bond fan and I’m always frustrated by games that make him a mass murderer.”

Bruner explained his frustrations by adding, “He’s a super-spy, and that’s a different skillset. The films make him less of a mass murderer, and there’s not much killing in the books – more spying and intrigue.”

With James Bond as an established franchise, CEO Dan Connors talked about the reasons why Telltale Games seems to always choose licensing different products:

Licensing has played an important part in enabling this company to do as much as it’s done without having to create a new IP wholecloth, which is a big undertaking with a lot of associated risk. As we become bigger and can execute that, it gets more and more attractive.

I think we’re looking more at, ‘Can we engage some great storytelling mind to come in and work with us on something and make it not just a game franchise, but a full-on entertainment franchise with comics or a TV show and such and build it all together at once?’ We really see that as the next thing that’s gonna happen.

Would you like to see Telltale Games give us a more spy-focused version of James Bond? Let us know in the comments below.