Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII Demo Out This Week, Play to Unlock Outfits

As suspected, Square Enix has confirmed that the Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII demo will be available later today in North America on the PlayStation Store, with Europe getting it tomorrow. If the PS3 version of the demo follows the Xbox 360 one, expect it to be around 1.14GB.

Here’s the demo description from Square Enix:

The demo puts players in control of Lightning as she traverses the chaos-infested Yusnaan palace of her old ally, Snow. Players will experience Lightning’s new customization options and master the game’s completely overhauled battle system. For those who activate the Outerworld services and submit their battle scores of the final fight against Zaltys, the ‘Siegfried’ outfit will be unlocked in the full retail game.

Over on the PS Blog, it’s been detailed that you’ll have the default equipment sets (known as Schemas) of The Savior, Dark Muse, and Black Mage, but after three battles in the demo, you’ll unlock Dragoon, Red Mage, and Heart Stealer.

In addition to the ‘Siegfried’ outfit you can get by submitting your score, anyone who downloads the Lightning Returns automatically gets the Utsusemi Garb DLC, which includes the Heavenly Fan weapon and the Kaminari shield item. If you miss out though, the Utsusemi Garb DLC will be available for purchase in the future.

As well, for anyone with Final Fantasy XIII and/or Final Fantasy XIII-2 save files (possibly North America only), you’ll be given both Guardian Corps and Etro’s Guardian garbs.

Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy will be available on February 11th/14th on PS3 and Xbox 360, with adding a new pre-order bonus called Spira’s Summoner, which gives Lightning Yuna’s outfit, staff, and victory pose. This content will be available to purchase later this year.

Are you going to be downloading the demo this week? Let us know in the comments below.