Final Fantasy 16 PS5 demo is available to download

Final Fantasy 16 Demo Is Live, Progress Carries Over to Full Game

The Final Fantasy 16 PS5 demo is now live on PSN. Square Enix has offered players a chunky slice of the game with nearly four hours of gameplay. Save data from one part of the demo will carry over to the full game upon release.

Final Fantasy 16 demo content and save data transfer explained

The demo, which can be downloaded via the PS Store, begins with a two and half hour gameplay slice of Final Fantasy 16’s opening prologue. Players will learn about protagonist Clive Rosfield’s past and the events that led up to present day. Save data from this portion will transfer to the full game.

Once players complete the prologue, the demo will open up another gameplay portion. Lasting nearly two hours, this part of the demo focuses on action and combat, and will see Clive infiltrate a fort, fight enemies, and bosses. This section can be replayed however many times you want as it is designed for players to familiarize themselves with Final Fantasy 16’s action, combat, and Clive’s abilities and accessories. However, progress will not carry over to the full game.

Final Fantasy 16 will release on Thursday, June 22. It’ll be available to pre-load early next week.