Newest Killzone: Shadow Fall Feedback Update Gives Details on Patch 1.09 and More

January 22, 2014Written by Jason Dunning


Giving you the best way to stay up to date with feedback Guerrilla Games receives for Killzone: Shadow Fall, they have started a changelog page over on their forums.

For some details on what to expect from patch 1.09 in February, what they don’t plan on doing at this time, and much more, see below:

Patch 1.09

  • Clan system – Will be rolled out in stages. First stage to appear in patch 1.09.
  • Checkpoint saving – In patch 1.07 we updated the interface to clarify checkpoint messages. As of patch 1.09, this will be completely fixed.
  • Grenade collision with invisible walls – This was partly fixed with the 1.08 patch. It will completely be fixed with patch 1.09.
  • Turning on team chat by default – This will be the case as of patch 1.09.

Not at the Moment/Not at this Time/Not Right Now

  • Killzone 2 style proximity chat
  • Customized multiplayer announcements
  • Co-op mode to have playable Helghast
  • Display K/D ration for everyone – It is already possible to create leaderboards based on kills and deaths.
  • Introducing Seathmatch/Free for all mode
  • Squad leader spawn
  • Make Spawn Beacon the primary ability for support
  • Split-screen mode


  • Hip firing – We are gathering telemetry and monitoring it closely. As it stands, we’re not seeing a significant reason to change hip firing.
  • Overpowered drones – Our player data suggest we need to leave them as is.
  • In-game party system – This will not happen anytime soon.
  • Character personalization – We have added some personalization options through voice packs, drone skins and player cards. This will be it for the moment.
  • Ability to kill downed enemies – We have investigated and decided not to proceed with this as it would have a huge impact on the use of the revive droid. However, we did fix some issues related to this. For instance, we removed the red cross hair and hit indicators to indicate a downed enemy cannot be killed while mortally wounded. If the issue persists, we will revisit it.
  • Classic weapons pack – In development
  • Companion app – We’re not doing this right now, as we have a responsive site that should be able to show most of the functionality on any device, but will reconsider as soon as we have specific functionality we think is worth developing a companion app for.
  • Team balancing – We have made some changes to the matchmaking algorithm based on our data.
  • Lag improvement – We expanded our servers in South America and Asia (and are investigating the Middle East). This should improve the situation.
  • Sniper friendly map – This will be part of our first DLC pack.

Do you like how patch 1.09 is shaping up? Let us know in the comments below.