Despite Reports, “Dontnod is not in Bankruptcy,” Says Company CEO

Things seemed to be going well for Dontnod, a Paris-based company, this week, what with Remember Me set to get a huge boost in downloads when it goes free to PlayStation Plus members in North America next month. However, reports surfaced today about the company filing for “redressement judiciaire”, which was said to be the equivalent of bankruptcy in France (via Polygon).

Well, things haven’t quite gone to bankruptcy, with Dontnod CEO Oskar Guilbert telling GI.Biz, “There are some rumors about the bankruptcy of Dontnod. There is no bankruptcy, Dontnod is not in bankruptcy.”

They have, however, entered into ‘judicial reorganisation’, “which allows us to re-adapt our production pipeline to the new situation” and, as Games Industry notes, judicial reorganisation appoints a Judicial Administrator to oversee the running of the company focusing on sustainability, settling liabilities and managing labour costs. Guilbert then mentioned Remember Me, their June 2013 title that was published by Capcom and “is number two in terms of downloads on PlayStation Plus in Europe, so it’s a big success on the digital side at least.”

Guilbert is hopeful that the companies’ financial difficulties are “behind us, not in front of us,” and he also teased that they are in “very close negotiations for our next project with one of the top publishers,” but he failed to mention who.

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