Ready at Dawn Doesn’t Want to use the DualShock 4’s Features “Too Much” in The Order: 1886

February 26, 2014Written by Jason Dunning

morse code

Over on the EU PS Blog (warning: lots of gifs!), they have detailed 10 things you need to know about The Order: 1886, giving you a highlighted look at what to expect from Ready at Dawn’s big 2014 game.

While some of the things you need to know are basic, Creative Director Ru Weerasuriya does discuss how they’ll be using the DualShock 4:

We’ve worked with the controller to test all the different things we could do with it. The issue is that the more complex and involved controller inputs get, the more it removes you from the immersive core experience. We don’t want to use it too much; we’re only using it for actions that feel natural. Tapping out Morse code just worked so well.

Sticking with the use of Morse code in The Order: 1886, Weerasuriya explained that the Monocular “was built for multipurpose use” and, while they haven’t talked about the different modes of gameplay it will be used in, you do use it as a looking glass, to send Morse code, and to flash a signal to the airship to give your location. He adds, “We have a lot of other devices like this that we’re trying to implement. Of course, there are always more ideas than we can fit into the game, so it’s a question of which ones will stick…”

As for the four main characters in The Order: 1886 (you only play as Galahad), Weerasuriya talked about who they are:

The four characters have very different story lines – their past, how long they’ve been around, what they’ve done, who they’ve fought.

Mallory is the squad leader in many ways, Galahad is someone who’s been involved in the conflict for a long time, Igraine – she’s younger but still confident – and Lafayette is the rookie of the squad. He’s the one who jokes around. He’s a little jovial, happy-go-lucky, doesn’t worry about too much. It’s a nice balance between the four characters.

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