Tomb Raider Reboot “Exceeded” Profit Expectations, Internal Estimates

March 6, 2014Written by Jason Dunning


Commemorating Tomb Raider’s first birthday, and inclusion in the PlayStation Plus Instant Game Collection this week in North America and Europe, is Studio Head Darrell Gallagher.

While much has been made (mostly by Square Enix) about the low initial sales for Tomb Raider, Gallagher revealed that it has exceeded “our internal estimates” and will pass 6 million sold this month:

By the end of this month we will surpass 6 million units for our Tomb Raider reboot, and, having achieved profitability back in 2013 Tomb Raider has exceeded profit expectations and continues to make significant contributions to our overall financial performance.

With all this, Tomb Raider is “on course to become the best-selling game in the history of the franchise!”

Looking ahead to the future, Gallagher briefly mentioned the Tomb Raider sequel in development at Crystal Dynamics, while also adding, “We are also looking forward to building on the success and lessons learned from the reboot to continue redefining and setting new benchmarks for Tomb Raider in the years to come.”

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