Crystal Dynamics: Next-Gen Tomb Raider Sequel’s Spending Won’t Exceed The Original

Back in August, Square Enix confirmed that a sequel to this year’s Tomb Raider video game, which is nominated for Game of the Year at VGX and has sold over 4 million copies, was “well into development” for next-gen consoles.

Giving out a little bit more information about the Tomb Raider sequel was Crystal Dynamics Senior Art Director Brian Horton, who held a presentation at the Bradford Animation Festival (via Electronic Theatre):

We’ve announced the sequel… I’m glad I can finally talk about! The Tomb Raider sequel is the next chapter of [Lara’s] development… her life is changing. She can’t go back to the way she was.

When Brian was asked about the sequel’s budget, he replied, “We don’t talk about our budgets… it’s a well financed game.” Horton then added, “We’re not spending any more on a sequel than on the original game.”

Be sure to watch VGX on December 7th, as a Tomb Raider game for PS4/Xbox One is likely to be announced.

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