Sony’s Scott Rohde on Hennig Leaving Naughty Dog: “Things Change”

While the heads of Naughty Dog and a Sony rep have already given their statements regarding Amy Hennig’s departure from Naughty Dog, Scott Rohde, PlayStation Software Product Development Head for Sony Worldwide Studios America, offered up his thoughts to IGN yesterday.

After calling Hennig “one of my favorite people” and “an amazing contributor to Naughty Dog and PlayStation,” Rohde said, “But things change, and sometimes change involves very high profile individuals. That’s all that’s happened here. There’s nothing else. There’s no more to dig at.”

When the (now cleared up) subject of Hennig being “forced” out was brought up, Rohde replied that he’s “never going to agree with the term ‘pushed out’,” adding, “I’m gonna go back with what I said before, and say that, again, people change, business changes, things change. And again, it just happened to involve a very high profile individual right now.”

Where would you like Hennig to end up after all this? Another Sony first-party studio? Let us know in the comments below.