Race the Sun PAX East Preview (PS Vita)


The concept of Race the Sun is simple: you’re a ship avoiding obstacles, dodging as quickly as your reflexes will allow all in hopes to move as fast as possible before the Sun goes down. However, the intensity is anything but simple. The fast-paced nature of Race the Sun is one of the more refreshing experiences I have had at PAX East. Exhilarating, sweaty palms, nervousness — all feelings I felt within a few minutes of playing the game.

Race the Sun has PC origins, which I happily found out transfers easily transfers down to the portable Sony system. Controls still feel fluid, and the draw distance is still fantastic. While I wasn’t surprised that the simple graphics would scale down to the Vita well, I was more than excited to see that the Vita version maintained all of the game’s signature intense moments.

The developer Flippfly did express that there was still some optimization left to do on the Vita, stating that the current build runs around 30 frames per second, but they would do what it takes to double the frame rate to a solid 60. The team also expressed interest in Project Morpheus, the new Sony developed VR headset. “We’re currently in talks with Sony to become a developer for Morpheus.”  Said Aaron Fillipo, creator of Race the Sun.

After playing Race the Sun at PAX East, I can’t wait to pick it up on the PS4 and Vita… Also, that cross buy!