Sony Santa Monica “Cannot Promise” They Have Resources to Fix PlayStation All-Stars Bugs

After allowing the community to offer feedback about the game-changing PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale patch nearly two weeks ago, Sony Santa Monica has now given an update on the PlayStation forums to people unhappy with the results.

Saying how “we cannot promise a 2nd patch,” Sony Santa Monica added, “but I can promise you we’re reading all feedback and evaluating any potential game-breaking, emergency level issues. We understand a balance patch of this magnitude may require tuning, but have yet to determine if we can.”

While they don’t think it will require a patch, the #1 priority right now is fixing the issue where PlayStation Vita owners are unable to install the game (it’s very possible the Vita issue was fixed over the weekend).

Elsewhere, SSM doesn’t intent to interrupt the Level-Up Runback tournament with any gameplay changes because “that would not be fair to the tournament and those who are developing strategies, in addition to the MLG tourney coming up, and other weekend weekly’s you guys are putting on.”

Noting how “the gap between the best and worst characters is now much smaller than anyone expected, and those whose characters got worse are yelling the loudest,” Sony Santa Monica then said they hear fans on these main balance issues:

  • Spike, Toro, Zeus were not buffed enough
  • Kat and Cole weren’t nerfed enough
  • Isaac was nerfed too much, though we feel this requires more time to adjust to
  • There are still some unintended LVL1 confirms in the game, mainly for Cole, Fat Princess, and Jak – these may not be an issue in the long run

All told, Sony Santa Monica is “here, listening, evaluating, and doing our absolute best to honor our commitment to this community. We are proud of this patch and whether we patch again, or do not, we’ll be supporting all community efforts and the online servers.”

In addition, Sony Santa Monica is aware of some code and online bugs, but they “cannot promise we have resources to address these.”

What are your thoughts on PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale following the patch? Let us know in the comments below.