Sportsfriends Coming to PS3 and PS4 in May, Gets Launch Trailer

Sportsfriends, a Kickstarter project from 2012, is finally making its way to PS3 and PS4. The game is a collection of local multiplayer games. The package includes four games: BaraBariBall, a retro-styled fighting game, Super Pole Riders, a pole vault dueling game, Hokra, a minimalist sports game, and Johann Sebastian Joust, a motion control dueling game (can be played with PlayStation Move, Dualshock 3, and Dualshock 4) set to the tempo of music where you need to physically jostle your opponents’ controllers while protecting your own. All games need a minimum of two players.

There aren’t too many differences between the two versions. The PS3 version supports up to seven players for Johann Sebastian Joust, while the PS4 version only supports four players due to hardware constraints. The PS3 version will also let users load their own music files for Johann Sebastian Joust, but there are plans to make that feature available for the PS4 via a future patch.

You can check out the launch trailer for the game below.

Sportsfriends will be releasing for the PS3 and PS4 on May 6th in the US for $14.99 and on May 7th in Europe and Australia for €13.99.  If you purchase Sportsfriends on PS3 you will also be able to download the PS4 version for free, but it will not work the other way around.

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