Paul Rustchynsky is DriveClub’s New Game Director

April 29, 2014Written by Jason Dunning


Back in March, it was revealed that DriveClub Game Director Col Rodgers left Evolution Studios in February 2014 for personal reasons. At the time, Sony failed to comment on who exactly would be the new Game Director on DriveClub.

Well, with DriveClub now confirmed for release in October, Shuhei Yoshida took to the PlayStation Blog to announce Paul Rustchynsky as Game Director – a move that went into effect shortly after Rodgers’ departure. Previously, Rustchynsky worked on DriveClub as the Design Director, with Shuhei highlighting Paul’s work as Game Director on MotorStorm RC and being “an integral contributor to all major titles coming out of Evolution Studios since 2004.”

Shuhei added, “We appreciate the announcement has come a little late, however we wanted to inform his appointment along with the new date announcement.”

While the reason behind DriveClub’s delay has already been talked about quite a bit, Yoshida offered up this small statement today:

We planned for the game to be ready for early 2014 and are committed to delivering on our ambitious promise of creating a truly innovative, socially connected racing game.

The problem with being ambitious is you have to be prepared to accept there will be challenges along the way. What DriveClub offers has not been previously achieved in this category, and, because of this, the team needed more time to give you the game you’re waiting for.

More details about DriveClub will be given tomorrow, courtesy of Paul Rustchynsky.

Also, if you were wondering, a Sony rep told Videogamer, “Yes, the PlayStation Plus version [of DriveClub] is still happening,” but they failed to go into further detail.