Take-Two: Rockstar is Releasing a PS4/Xbox One Game Prior to March 2015

As part of the Take-Two investors call that took place following the release of their financials yesterday, Chairman and CEO Strauss Zelnick confirmed (via Seeking Alpha) that Rockstar will be releasing a PS4/Xbox One title in this fiscal year ending March 31st, 2015:

Rockstar Games is hard at work on the upcoming lineup, and we are excited about what they have in store for the new generation of systems for this fiscal year.

No hints about exactly what Rockstar is working on for the new consoles was revealed, and when they were asked if Rockstar would be at E3, President Karl Slatoff just said, “This far, Rockstar hasn’t announced that they are going to be attending E3.” Rockstar generally doesn’t have a presence at E3, but Slatoff’s comment leaves the door open for a surprise announcement.

For a little more Grand Theft Auto news from the call, more than 70% of Grand Theft Auto V owners who have internet played Grand Theft Auto Online. In addition, GTA Online “was the single largest contributor to our digitally delivered revenue in the fiscal year.”

All in all, it should be a busy few months for Take-Two, with Slatoff adding, “We will have more to share about our unannounced fiscal 2015 releases in the coming months.”

What do you think Rockstar is bringing to new-gen consoles? Grand Theft Auto V? Red Dead Redemption 2? Agent? Leave your predictions in the comments below.