The Catch-Up: May 28th, 2014 – Jack Tretton Joins Genotaur

He’ll be droppin’ mics everywhere he goes!

General News

  • After leaving PlayStation, Jack Tretton has joined artificial intelligence development firm Genotaur as a member of its Advisory Board. Tretton said, “Genotaur has an incredibly impressive array of resources and expertise that will greatly enhance the way consumers interact with technology. I look forward to sharing my passion for bringing interactive entertainment and cutting edge technology products to market with the team.” I guess this means he won’t make a surprise appearance at E3? [Via, Press Release]
  • thatgamecompany (Journey) has announced that they have entered “the next phase of development on our upcoming project,” while raising $7 million in funding from investors as well. The money will allow thatgamecompany to “scale up development efforts to focus on making the best game possible in the same spirit as flOw, Flower, and Journey. We’ll also begin laying the infrastructure to self-publish, market, and distribute on our own terms for this next project and beyond.” The studio also said their next game is an “emotionally engaging experience centered around human connections for players of all ages and backgrounds.” [Source]
  • Want to know how awesome Sony is? They will be covering the exhibition costs at the Tokyo Game Show’s Indie Game Area this year for any developer, and it doesn’t matter which platform they’re showing it off on! PlayStation’s Brad Douglas added, “I should point out that just because we’re picking up exhibition costs doesn’t mean we have any say in what’s exhibited. That’s all TGS. That said though, we don’t care if the game is on a PlayStation platform or not. The more indie games, the better! Just bring cool stuff!” Developers have until later this week to sign up. [Via, Twitter 1, 2]
  • Nicalis has announced that 1001 Spikes will be out on June 3rd in North America for the PS4 and PS Vita. Priced at $14.99, the game will include Cross Buy, single and simultaneous 2-4 player co-op and vs. multiplayer, over 100 stages, multiple endings, over 20 characters to unlock, and more. [Press Release]
  • European gamers won’t have to wait much longer before playing The Wolf Among Us Episode 4: In Sheep’s Clothing, as the game has been given a June 4th release date on PS3. [Twitter]
  • It’s going to be another double XP weekend for Call of Duty: Ghosts on all platforms this weekend. [Twitter]
  • Experiencing a controller lock issue in chapter 7 of Wolfenstein: The New Order? Reload to the last checkpoint; Back up and slide toward Anya; Press the Action button (square) on Anya while still sliding. After the cutscene finishes, play should continue as normal. [Source]
  • On the night of June 5th, we’ll be getting a fresh look at some gameplay for The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt. [Twitter]
  • Follow the link to see some SingStar screenshots. [Click me, Maybe?]
  • To celebrate 75 years of Batman, the European PlayStation Store is holding a Batman-themed sale. [Check it Out]
  • Despite a giant 43.65GB download size, Torrent Freak has reported that Wolfestein: The New Order has been pirated over 100,000 times already. [Via, Source]
  • As part of a Watch Dogs PR stunt, various outlets were sent black safes, with a letter telling them to check their voicemail. Well, when the Sydney offices of Ninemsn received their safe but no voicemail, and the safe started beeping after they entered a passcode, the bomb squad was called in. Inside they found a copy of Watch Dogs, a hat, an Aiden face mask, and a note about the embargo. [Via, Source]
  • The Grand Theft Auto franchise is now over 185 million sold. [Via, Source]

New Videos

  • Steel Wool Games and publisher Ripstone have announced that Flyhunter Origins is set to release for the PlayStation Vita this summer:

Do you think Jack Tretton will make a surprise E3 appearance?